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Welcome to Yaazh Foods. This is a online store which serves your baby’s appetite with 100% organic, healthy food. Have you ever wonder how Organic or Healthy the food which your are feeding to your beloved baby? We feel, a parent’s duty doesn’t end right away by just getting an expensive toy or put him/her in a nice school. It’s beyond that. After mother’s milk, Yaazheegai Baby Foods is second best food which you can give to your baby. Some babies doesn’t like their grandparent’s/parent’s organic recipe. We have nailed almost all famous grandparent’s/parent’s organic, healthy recipes. We have around 30+ plus varieties of baby food which will suite your baby’s appetite and taste buds.

We don’t stock or shelf anything. Everything is made only when you place an order, so that it reach you fresh.
So our products are literally from our kitchen to your babies bowl

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