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Founded by parents & grandparents, for parents, our roots date back to when we first began feeding our own little ones. In 2017, “Nutrii Bowl” opened for business in the name of “Yaazh Foods”.

“Nutrii Bowl” was founded on the belief that little ones deserve the very best food from the very first bite. So we parents got together and started asking questions. Is white rice cereal really the best first food? Is picky eating a given? Where do taste preference come from?

Every little one deserve the nutrients he/she needs to grow and thrive.

Almost all baby food products from shop has preservatives, milk powder, food color, artificial flavors and sugar.

“Nutrii Bowl” is a brand of  tradionally  homemade baby food products, made without preservatives, no added flavors or atrifical flavors, no added sugar or salt. 100% Organic & Natural.

Why Nutrii Bowl ?

In the current modern life, most of us opt to give instant baby foods due to the ease in their preparation as well as lack of time. Although such foods can’t be avoided during long journeys and while staying away from home, it is always better to give home made and traditional foods to babies to the maximum possible. And you know what? Once you have this mix in hand, it becomes a handy and easy to prepare instant food for your baby. Especially when you are running out of time.

Have you ever wonder how Organic or Healthy the food which your are feeding to your beloved baby? We feel, a parent’s duty doesn’t end right away by just getting an expensive toy or put him/her in a nice school. It’s beyond that. After mother’s milk, Nutrii Bowl is second best food which you can give to your baby. We have nailed almost all famous grandparent’s/parent’s organic, healthy recipes. We have around 30+ plus varieties of baby food which will suite your baby’s appetite and taste buds. A brand which welcomes all our babies to a healthy and a safe world.

How we are working ?

We don’t stock or shelf anything. Everything is made only when you place an order, so that it reach you fresh.
So our products are literally from our kitchen to your babies bowl.

Its a family run business. As of now our team consist of 4 members, me, my husband and my dad and mom. We get the raw  materials from nearby organic stores. There are lot of ingredients which goes into a receipe. Say our Millet and Sprouted multigrain healthmix has around 22 ingredients. Each one of them is soaked sepeartly, allowed to sprout, then dryed under sun and roasted individually as each ingredients roast at different temperature. Then we make powder mix of all these special ingredients. So it takes around 5 to 7 days for overall processing. My mom is the head of   preparation, my husband is handling sales , my dad is handling packaging and courier part and I am handling order and inventory management. Actually it is completely grandma’s recipe.
At Nutrii Bowl , products evolve with an honest and transparent system. What we wished as a parent for ourselves and our little one is what we promise to deliver. You can read about every ingredient that we add to our products.
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